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All Well: Seattle Fireplace, Chimney & Furnace Experts
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All Well
was established in Chicago in 1937 by Emil Welke, our grandfather. A German immigrant and expert craftsman, grandpa founded what is today a 3rd generation family business. 

Beginning with construction, masonry, and home remodeling, the family worked on Chicago's South Side in small immigrant communities. The business continued with the help of the Welke sons, who contributed their own chimney, fireplace, and furnace expertise.

Now 75 years later, the business has developed into something a German and Italian immigrant family never immagined: All Well.

Today we have become one of the nations leading experts in environmentally friendly and cost-efficient home heating systems.  We take pride in bringing the same family values and honest service to each of our customers. We promise to bring you and yours the ingenuity and technology you can trust. 

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 All Well
THE Fireplace, Chimney & Furnace Experts 
All Home Heating Systems
12427 16th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98168
Phone: 206-491-6221
All Well
The Fireplace, Chimney & Furnace Experts
All Home Heating Systems
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-491-6221