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Chimney and Heating Repair/Maintenance
Chimney and Heating Repair/Maintenance
Clean Air Starts with Clean Heating Systems 
Keep your family safe from the poisons and pollutants that can enter your home.

Flue Lining/Relining
- A simple relining of the chimney can prevent poisonous gases and home fires!

 Damaged or deteriorated heating appliance exhaust systems allow poisonous gasses into a home. Escaping high temperatures, sparks, etc. eventually create home fires. A simple insertion of a new vent wall material (ie. a flue liner) eliminates these home hazards. 


Dampers & Repair - Eliminate heat loss/entry via heating systems, vents and chimneys. 

 Internal to all heating systems, chimneys, or vents is an exhaust passageway (temporary, and usually manual) closure called a damper. These are often simple and efficient in design, allowing heat and air conditioning loss or cold air entry (due to constant movement of air). New or replacement damper systems reduce or eliminate this heat/cold loss and the associated expenses. 

Duct Cleaning

Internal to all home heating systems is a network of ducts that bring heating/cooling air to each room in the home. These ducts bring in pollutants, allergens, dust mites, mold, and other harmful substances into the home unless they are thoroughly cleaned every few years. Find out more about how to improve and maintain home air quality with Furnace Duct Cleaning. 



Wood Fireplace to Gas Conversions - The latest and most popular technology for converting a wood fireplace is Vent Free Technology. New installations can be done in virtually any room or location.

Vent free inserts and a full line of accessories are included. The most challenging of pluming (gas line) requirements are met. Includes consideration for partial or complete chimney removal. New installations virtually in any room or location.

Find out more about how to improve and maintain home air quality with Vent Free Technology.  


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