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Michael - Mercer Island
 We've been very pleased with this company, the entire process and their performance every time they've come out. They and their products have done what they said they would. They show up & complete things on time as well as clean up after themselves. Thanks to their high efficiency gas inserts that require no electricity; when the power/furnace goes out, we no longer have to move out. Since they reconditioned what was previously an unused fireplace, my wife has found a warm and soothing place where she now spends most of her leisure time. I have referred them to neighbors who are also very pleased!
Michael - Mercer Island
The Following reviews often refer to Vent Free Eco-Friendly Technology

"We updated our fireplace to vent free, and simultaneously, got MUCH more heat than from our new vented furnace, all-in-one! And for 10% the cost of installing, what we NOW know, is outdated, vented furnace technology with a few expensive gadgets attached! We put the furnace thermostat five degrees below the fireplace as a backup heat source. It won't have any more use on it later than it has now, so it will be worth more when we go to sell the house!"

"The health benefits are tremendous! You can't put enough value on that because that's, literally, priceless. What's the elimination of a sick day or week worth here or there? What's the value of one or many years of better health? Yes, priceless! The stuff the fireplaces were pulling in and blowing back was nasty!"

"When the vent free fireplace turns on, with our 100% airtight Lock-Top Damper closed, we actually get to enjoy plenty of heat & money savings, each & every time."
 "A no brainer investment with the huge immediate financial benefits, plus the significant monthly savings. Easiest investment decision I ever made! Estimated annual average utility bill savings = over $1,500.00 per year."
 "On April 12, 2011 per the City of Seattle, I was told that 'Leaving my fireplace damper open would double my heating bill.' I heard this again when I called them (at 206-684-3336) and was listening to their on hold recorded message. After some more checking, I found out that all VENTED gas fireplaces, by law, MUST be installed WITHOUT a damper or have the damper locked in the OPEN position to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning! And for WOOD BURNING fireplaces, anything less than a guaranteed, 100% airtight sealing custom damper, leaks at least 20% of my heat up the chimney! I HAD one of each type fireplace: I say "had" because I IMMEDIATELY switched to VENT FREE with airtight Lock-Top dampers after hearing this. No more waste, better health & the upgraded fireplaces made me money from the start!"
 "Without the expense, or in & out air movement caused by a chimney or vent, we've been able to install fireplaces in rooms where we always wanted them...and without cutting big holes in ceilings, roofs, walls, etc...we, or even new homeowners when we sell, can move or remove them anytime!"
 "We get much more use now out of those expensive assets called "fireplaces" than we did or could have in any other way! They used to just sit there most of the time! We got more enjoyment for seconds at a time from fireplaces on TV! Get the kindling and newspaper and wood and babysit the things? RIGHT! About twice a year when your too busy entertaining to enjoy them! The dust, the smoke, the smell, forget it. And when I found out that the ash dust was flying into and around the house even when the fireplaces WEREN'T being used? ...And that the stuff causes cancer? Well that was it! The chimney is blocked off and a fire is just the push of a button away whether I have only two minutes or I want it going continuously for days, I push a button! I have less dust in the house therefore less dusting and more free time. Push button controls and less housework. That's what they told us housekeepers it would be "some day" and now that it's here, it's great. Thank you vent free!"
 "We live in a 'statistically much safer' area, but even with all the common theft deterrents and alarms in place, we've experienced loss of items with actual and sentimental value that cannot be recovered. Not only did we find ourselves concerned to leave the house, but add to that the concern of being home the next time it happens ...the stress factor, etc. was too much at times. Welcome the beautiful, vent free fireplace! It has so many safety features that, like other furnaces, it can be on when we are asleep or away. So when we are not visible or answering the door, the fireplace automatically going on as it heats our home which alerts those undesired others, 'We're home AND awake, so do not enter!' This benefit plus many others the vent free fireplace provides has us enjoying awake and sleep hours much more these days!"
 "Over the years our furnaces have acted up or went out and there we were without heat and paying top dollar to wait for what seemed like weeks to get someone out. The 110 power itself didn't go out often, but when it did, "who ya gonna call?" Well, all those problems are fixed now and for pennies compared to what we considered spending! Unlike the vented furnace we had, or the fireplace that needed a blower to get even a little heat out of it, the vent free needs no blower or power! We considered solar technology, whole house and other generator systems, etc. to have heat when power is out, but that didn't get us heat when the furnace acted up. We considered a second furnace...thinking what's the chance the two would act up at the same time, right? ...Very expensive and we would need backup power for it too! We've done the space heaters, stoked the wood stove in the middle of the night, extra comforters and all those things but after being laid up with colds ...we were done! Power? The vent free uses a couple standard AA & AAA batteries that go in the remote control & receiver box (which is separate in the fireplace for easy removal and replacement) and that's it!!! The remote control is great ...just a few BIG buttons ...and we just leave it on thermostat with the remote on the mantle anyway. If we have special company over & want it to run continuously, we push one button and only open our lock top if necessary...that's it!"
 "You cant even get close to 100% efficiency with anything else. The average 50% energy savings is primarily due to the elimination of cold, replacement air being pulled in from the outside. Vented fireplaces alone, wood or gas, PER HOUR, pull all the heated air from a 2,200 square foot home up the chimney two and one half times! This creates a vacuum which pulls cold, replacement air in from the outside (from under doors or through vents in bathrooms, dryers, kitchens, etc.). The same occurs with a vented furnace or hot water heater which also rob the heated interior air by pulling it up the one and down the other along with the cold air and poisonous exhaust from the other. All this cold air that is pulled inside then needs to be heated again. We seldom notice this (except in our wallet!) because the furnace works harder to compensate ...The expense for fuel and electric for the vented furnace going up and furnace remaining life span going down all the time. And when the vented furnace is running, IT is creating morevacuum and pulling in more cold air! Elimination of reverse drafted cold air and poisons into our living and working spaces; emission of pollution into our atmosphere and; waste of our precious resources (including our hard earned money) must be eliminated, one by one. Vent free fireplaces with properly sealed flues don't reverse draft and wont reverse draft other vents. Vented furnaces permanently turned off will no longer reverse draft other vents. Vent free fireplaces take the warm air and make it warmer making the greatest use of the least resources. NOTE: Even when the fireplace is not in use, the air vacuum created by those other fans to the outside? (; bathroom, clothes dryer, kitchen and so on) ...they 1) provide for plenty of fresh air between themselves to eliminate a "tighter home syndrome" concern and 2) pull all that dirty particulate and carcinogens back into the home...fireplace metal throat dampers, WHEN we close them, only seal about 80% airtight when they're new...this is eliminated with vent free and a lock-top! "
 "The portable thermostat is great! Our TV room was chilly and we'd watch movies as a family there. The old fireplace made it warm higher up in the room, but much cooler as you moved down. With the vent free, the temperature is consistent and we can move the portable thermostat into any other rooms that used to occasionally seem chilly. The furnace stopped working once & we could control temperature where we wanted to (really helpful in the far bedroom areas where its hard to sleep when the temp isn't "Juuust right!")...and we had plenty of heat for the whole house!"
 "Vent free is MUCH more safe, convenient and has increased our use of what was supposed to create significant enjoyment and look the part of a major focal point in our home. Home sellers (and their realtors) are really missing the boat by not installing these in advance as fireplaces and their condition are certainly major considerations when buying. We have two fireplaces. The home price had been reduced $25,000 due to the fireplace condition being "Fair but maintenance and repair (being) necessary." We only put one third of that back into them & because of the vent free in both, we picked back up that same $25,000 in equity Plus, the $8,000.00 investment for a total of over $35,000 or a PROFIT of over $28,000! I knew we would install them before we sold when we first bought the house. Even though we have no intentions of moving soon, I figured why not get them now so we can enjoy them UNTIL we move! With all the other benefits of vent free, all I had to do was justify the financial investment. Now I (and the once hesitant spouse) are really glad WE put them in right away!"
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