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Deteriorating Brick & Joint Work
 Deteriorating Brick & Joint Work  - Trust the best. Only fix what needs fixing!

Whether you need to replace one brick or rebuild,  if you want to keep expense at a minimum and maximize longevity, it’s critical to consult experienced craftsmen. This is especially true with chimney systems due to fire, health, and water-entry issues.  A family of old-world craftsman in the art of masonry is invaluable in repairing deteriorating brick and joint work. Our full-service masonry offers the most-cost efficient and reliable materials and methods for a lifetime of healthy brick and mortar maintenance. 

We do not just recommend replacement and rebuilding, a costly and unnecessary job. This much work is not always necessary; many jobs require simple repair. Our specialty is brick repair.

While our competitors quote a chimney replacement or rebuild, we only repair what is necessary. Additionally, we stand by our repairs with yearly inspections of our work. Finally, we offer state-of-the-art technology that is not only more cost-effective, but also weather-proof and safe.  

Deteriorating Brick & Joint Work
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