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All Well Rewards Program
 All Well Rewards Program


To thank you for your business and with the hope of earning your continued patronage...


Heard of Groupon?  Heard of buy-one get-one?

How about something better...All Well Rewards Program!



How it Works

  • First, you receive a service from us (valued at $219 or greater).
  • Next, following each service ($219 or greater) you receive from us, we provide you with 3 gift certificates. 
  • Next, you give these as gift certificates to your friends/family who do not already use our company, but have a known fireplace, furnace or chimney problem/need. The certificates offer them an estimate at no charge!
  • Finally, a credit will be applied to your account upon our completion of the gifted services.



For Example


A certificate with a $219 service value earns you $73.00 in credit. Three of these $73.00 credits earned would equate to a $219 total credit on your account. Then, for instance, the $219 credit could be applied toward your next Annual Furnace Clean & Tune. (Note: All of our cleaning services include a safety inspection of ALL heating systems, a $129.00 service when performed separately)!





  • You may accumulate 
  • They are not limited 
  • You have a full year to use them.

So, you need NEVER pay for regular maintenance, repairs ...or even a replacement furnace or remote controlled high efficiency gas fireplace upgrade ...or for ANY service EVER again! ...Many clients have made their certificates available to those they work with, family, friends, PTA members, etc. by means of electronic bulletin boards earning themselves significant credits in a short period of time! So can you!



What’s in it for You and for Us?


Ideally, some of those estimates will turn into work for us. 


Most importantly, we know what it means to:

  • Stand behind our word and work, no matter what. 
  • Properly treat the clients we have, their possessions, families and referrals. 


Therefore, we continue to choose to stay financially stable in this trying market by NOT taking for granted the clients we have been given. During economic downturns more than one half of all U.S. companies go out of business within their first five years. It is obvious to us and our clients that a business has to keep getting better to survive. 





More Details 


The certificates are marked "Prepaid", so neither you or those you gift them to pay a penny for the services shown on the certificate. There are no hidden obligations, additional fees, etc.


Upon our completion of the gifted services, a credit will be applied to your account. Credits may be used at any time thereafter toward any regularly priced product or service we offer. 


On the back of the business card magnet (our technician provides to you upon arrival for service) you’ll find: 

  • You can easily make note of those people you referred. 
  • Our number is provided so you can phone in your referrals to us.
  • See how much credit you've earned
  • Find out the earliest date that your credits can be used by.





Who do you know that could benefit? 


First, be sure to leave a couple certificates on the refrigerator, desk, fireplace mantle, purse or wallet - for that unexpected opportunity that will turn a few minute discussion into another $73.00! 


Second, simply let as many people as possible know that this valuable, complimentary service is available should they have a need! 


Third, consider those in older homes where, for example, chimney systems may have settled or separated ( *especially where there are children, the elderly or pets residing)! 









Providing the best service possible includes being given the best chance to identify ANY and ALL health or fire hazards that exist. We therefore require our technicians to inspect ALL heating systems at the time of service. Too often we hear things like, "We have another company that services our furnace" or "Its new", only to find major issues that cannot be dangerous if uncared for! 

For instance, did you know that odorless colorless carbon monoxide is:

  • The #1 poison in the USA.
  • Effects us proportionate to body size. Therefore children, the elderly and pets are effected most! 
  • Many of the vents in your home are purposely and constantly wide open to the outside, which reverse the flow of poisonous carbon monoxide and cold air back into your house! 
  • Inspection of all heating systems, including those you believe to be "okay", provides all of us with the peace of mind that comes with a confirming, second opinion from a resource with the experience, knowledge, technology and responsibility to properly serve you.


For various reasons, 100% prepaid certificates typically do not apply to all apartments, condos, townhouses, commercial buildings, renters, home sellers, prospective home buyers or to homes less than twenty years old. However, the options and opportunities for each of these referral types will be thoroughly considered and services priced as generously as possible, including provision of the 100% prepaid certificate whenever possible and almost certainly if a work estimate is required!


Our present Primary Service Area (PSA) is south of Everett, North of Tacoma, east of Puget Sound & west of North Bend. Although limited, our extended service area beyond the PSA is quite large. So please do not hesitate to ask about any area and we will do our best to inexpensively accommodate referrals outside the immediate Seattle metro area!


Although not planned at this time, terms & conditions may need to be changed to the benefit of all.





Again, we and our families not only THANK YOU, but will continue to work toward and hope for THE BEST for YOU & YOURS!


All Well
The Fireplace, Chimney & Furnace Experts
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Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-491-6221