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Weather & Rain Damage
Weather & Rain Damage

Rain Caps - Don't allow moisture to damage your home heating system.

Rain caps keep water from entering from the inside of the vent. 
Vent exit points allow for rain/weather entry without a proper weather guard. Without these guards, interior moisture leads to heating system damage, moulds, mildew, and associated health hazards. This moisture typically goes unnoticed, its effects being hidden in interior walls and floors surrounding the heating and vent systems. 


Flashing Another way moisture can damage your home heating system.

Around the exterior of any vent or chimney, at its exterior exit point, flashing are sealants used to eliminate moisture from entering on the outside of the vent. Unlike rain caps, flashing keeps water from entering on the outside of the vent. These flashings use special sealants, or caulking, to seal out moisture. Flashing and associated sealants tend to break down more rapidly than the vent itself, and therefore require regular inspection and maintenance. 

We are the only company that will provide a long-term warrantee covering weather entry at any point in a venting system...even well-established roofing companies and general contractor s call us to find and fix water leaks. 


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